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Customer Dog Sitting, Walking and Boarding Form

Once you've had a home visit, agreed on dates and costs you'll need to complete the online form below Please only complete this from if you have had a success trail visit and have made a booking or you are a returning customer!

PLEASE NOTE : This can take 15 - 25 mins so please make yourself comfortable, unfortunately all sections need completing so please first familarise yourself with the information. The local authority WMBC require that I document this information! Please fill the form in online below its Eco-friendly and no printing costs...but if you really want to Click the button to print the current page

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    You agree all the information above is accurate and you have opted in to me being able to use this information for the welfare of your dog, please see Privacy section for full details on how I use your personal data www.wakefielddogwalking.co.uk/gdpr.html

    The pet Owner (s) agrees to release Wakey Walkies from any liability that may arise as a result of damage to property, injury to or death of pets.

    Pet owner (s) will be held responsible for any injury or damage caused to Wakey Walkies property as a result of previously undisclosed behavior in any of owners pets. Pet Owner and Wakey Walkies agree that this contract is subject to the laws and regulations

    Even if they are from the same owner the pet owner (s) consent to isolate the dog (s) if in the unlikely event they become anxious or aggressive, until their behavior suits reintegration.

    If the dog (s) exhibit signs of disease, illness, internal or external parasites the pets owners authorised Wakey Walkies to seek Veterinary advise and medication at the pet owners expense regardless of previous treatment dates or no prior signs of infestation

    The pet owners consent to Wakey walkies transporting dog (s) in a motor vehicle in a crate or dog harness/seat belt for recreation or Veterinary needs

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